About the Book

  • Release your limitations through each story and lesson in this book as it guides you to what you long for most: clear direction, security, & happiness.

  • Develop trust by holding hope for positive outcomes without trying to control it. Making the shift from unease to trust will give you a sense of power in a world that all too often makes us feel powerless.

  • Live the secrets revealed in this book to awaken the deep hunger within your heart - a swell of energy that expands your world. 

In his latest book, WHY Is Your Reason for Being, KJ Lavan teaches readers how to transform their fear into hope in order to live a divinely guided life. Each story and lesson in the book guides readers to transcend the barriers of what they long for most: happiness, security and clarity. The lessons help readers relinquish the need to control so they can relax into a sense of certainty and freedom. Readers will stop chasing life…they will trust how their life is going because it feels right. When readers shift from fear to hope they will gain a sense of power in a world that all too often makes them feel utterly powerless. When the tragedies of the world seem weighty, this book will help guide them back to their inner power.

KJ says, “My commitment with this book is to open up as many people as possible to recognize their innate talents connecting them to happiness & fulfillment. In that connection, we can be guided to become on purpose ̶ expressing our gift to the world and ourselves. These expressions can no longer be cute buzz phrases that we merely post on social media. Our mission is to live in alignment with our distinctive essence. When we live & love our purpose, we are embraced in the arms of abundance. We are happy and create a ripple affect emanating from within and extending to everyone around us. The freedom, happiness, safety and security we long for lies in our commitment to do what life has given us to do”…

When readers follow this path, a swell of energy begins to expand their world. They will find strength when they get knocked down, flow and support when they’re lost, safety in the face of unease and faith in spite of pain. Follow the secrets revealed in this book to unleash your innate power and know that WHY Is Your Reason for Being.